Jessica Rice is a painter and mural artist living in the Houston area. She earned a Bachelors of Art from the University of Houston- Downtown with a focus in education and art. After studio painting professionally and participating in gallery shows for five years, she painted her first mural in 2012 and began a career as a mural and street artist. Her large scale work has been commissioned by entities such as Kroger Grocery, Leadership Houston, Bank of America Tower, and multiple restaurants. In 2015 she was selected as an artist partner with the Mini Mural Project by UP Art Studio and since has designed and painted 5 pieces across the city for their public art initiative. Rice is also a three- time selected and returning artist for HUE Mural Festival, the biggest festival for mural art in the city of Houston that hosts artists from all over the world. In the years since its inception, she painted a mural named one of the “20 Most Instagrammable Spots” in Houston (DowntownHouston.org), and another that earned her publication when printed in an issue of Uninhibited, a magazine for street art around the world. Her style can be interpreted as blurring the line between fine art and low- brow art and is extremely illustrative and whimsical. She draws inspiration from pop-surrealism of the last 3 decades, as well as nature and her experience as a woman. Combining brushwork with aerosol, her murals are uniquely her own. Rice enjoys sharing her work with the youth, presenting at schools and speaking to young students about street art and being an artist in general. She also enjoys connecting with the community while creating public art. Her murals have become a fitting part of the rugged and beautiful urban landscape of Houston, and have been described as, “Deep and dreamy. As if you’ve been transported into some otherworldly setting.”(Houstonian)